Do you like long-distance hiking or touring? Get your backpack ready! You have the choice of taking "Le Petit Pelot" (27 km multi-activity trail), the Green Way from Nantes to Roscoff along the Nantes-Brest Canal, or one of the two "Grande Randonnée" (GR) long-distance paths that pass through our area. Immerse yourself in the heart of Brittany!

Multi-activity trail from ploërmel to la trinité porhoët - le petit pelot

Following 27 kilometres of the disused railway called locally the “Petit Pelot” from Ploërmel to La Trinité-Porhoët, you can walk, bicycle or go on horseback to discover this multi-activity trail.
GPS: Latitude: 47.933411 ; Longitude: -2.406667
Marking: Blue                
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Long-distance routes

  • GR37 : Sentier des Marches de Bretagne à l'Argoat (530 km) (From the Brittany Marches to Argoat)

This long path crosses Brittany from east to west, from Portes de la Bretagne in the east of Ille-et-Vilaine to Argoat in the west of Finistère. It follows the Nantes-Brest Canal for several kilometres.
Departure: Tréhorenteuc
Starting point GPS coordinates: Latitude: 48.007578 Longitude: -2.286944

  • GR347 : Sentier de l'Argoat de Malestroit à Josselin (52km)

This trail connects two “Petites Cités de Caractère” (Small Towns of Character), Malestroit, also known as the "Pearl of the Oust", and Josselin, where you will see the castle on your arrival. You will pass by some charming towns all along the way.
Departure: Malestroit
Starting point GPS coordinates: Latitude: 47.808433 Longitude: -2.380439

Green ways

The Green Ways are regional routes reserved for non-motorised travel. Created for pedestrians, cyclists, people with reduced mobility, rollerbladers and equestrians (ground and weather permitting), they make use of old railways, towpaths, farm roads, etc.

  • Green Way N°1: The Nantes-Brest Canal

Josselin Communauté is crossed by Green Way no.1 which follows the towpath of the Nantes-Brest Canal (364 kilometres).

Travel along the entire Nantes-Brest Canal and receive your diploma. Make sure you have the map with all the stages, available at “Détours de Loire” in Nantes or “Camping de Rodaven” in Châteaulin, and have it stamped when visiting shops, hotels, campsites and restaurants.

Every year, the Brittany Tourism publishes two brochures on the Nantes-Brest Canal (trails, accommodation, restaurants, etc.). They are available at the Tourist Office or downloadable from the website Brittany Tourism.

The Velodyssey

Looking for a change of scenery? Then, the Velodyssey is for you. Find all necessary information on the page dedicated to this route

Pilgrim paths

The Way of Saint James of Compostela

Among the many roads leading to Compostela, one starts in Josselin and leads to Pleucadeuc. Along the way, pilgrims can visit the Basilica of Notre Dame du Roncier in the heart of Josselin, Saint-Gobrien Chapel in Saint-Servant-sur-Oust, then head towards Le Roc Saint-André, Lizio, Quily and Malestroit. During this long journey, the route is marked by the familiar yellow scallop shells on a blue background.
For more information, see the guidebook published by the “Association Bretonne des Amis de Saint-Jacques de Compostelle” (Breton Association of the Friends of St. James of Compostela).

The "Tro-Breizh"

The Tro-Breizh trail is a pilgrimage in honour of the seven founding saints of Brittany. It forms a 600 km loop around the region passing through the seven dioceses of historic Brittany: Saint-Pol de Léon, Tréguier, Saint-Brieuc, Saint-Malo, Dol-de-Bretagne, Vannes and Quimper.
In our area, it passes through  Guillac, Saint-Servant sur Oust, Josselin, Guégon and Cruguel.

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