Want to go for a stroll and discover the local heritage? The communes of Guégon, Guillac and Josselin have put together some short trails for the family.

Heritage trail of Guégon

Approximately 1h30 (by car)

This trail allows you to discover the rich heritage of Guégon from the historic church in the town centre to the villages of Trégranteur and Coët-Bugat.
Things to see on the way: the Lantern of the Dead, the Column of Justice and various chapels.

Departure: the church of Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul.

GPS : Latitude : 47.9388802 ; Longitude : -2.5653948

Heritage trail of Guillac

Approximately 2h (Walk)

This trail will take you through the history of the town of Guillac on a route that includes historic buildings and natural features.
Things to see on the way: Saint-Bertin church and its fountain, the Nantes-Brest Canal, the old railway station and the “Colonne des Trente” (the Column of the Thirty).

Departure: Saint-Bertin Church.

GPS : Latitude : 47.9102887 ; Longitude : -2.4664171

Free game-booklet available from Guillac town hall, or at the Tourist Office of the Pays de Josselin (rue Olivier de Clisson in Josselin).

Botanical trail of Guillac

2 km, approximately 30 min (Walk)

This tour allows you to visit and discover the rich architecture and natural heritage of Guillac.
Things to see on the way: a Calvary, commemorative stones, the “Jardin des Saveurs” (literally garden of flavours), the war memorial, the “Parc des Coteaux”, the road to the lock leading to Saint-Bertin Church.

Departure: Guillac town hall (The route is marked by a white flower symbol).

GPS : Latitude : 47.9107325 ; Longitude : -2.4661542

Free leaflet available from the Guillac town hall or at the Tourist Office of the Pays de Josselin.

Heritage trail of Josselin

2 km, approximately 1h30 (Walk)

Discover the mediaeval city of Josselin via this trail, which reveals the secrets of the “Petite Cité de Caractère” (Small Town of Character).
Things to see on the way: the castle, the historic centre, the Sainte-Croix quarter, the Basilica of Notre Dame du Roncier, with its historic organ, 15/16th century stained glass windows and the remarkable tomb of the celebrated Constable of France, Olivier de Clisson, 14th century Commander-in-Chief of the French Army.

Departure: Place de la Congrégation, Josselin town centre.

GPS : Latitude : 47.9529433 ; Longitude : -2.5477218

Free game-booklet available in both French and English at the Tourist Office of the Pays de Josselin.

"Au fil de l’eau" (Go with the flow) trail

Tour around 1 km (45 min)

On this trail you will discover the architectural and natural heritage of Josselin.
Things to see on the way: the old washing place once used by the local washerwomen, the millennium clock, the “Bois d'Amour” (literally Wood of Love), and the bamboo plantation.

Departure: Josselin moorings on the Nantes-Brest Canal, at the foot of the castle (Trail marked on the ground with gold circle).