Towering above the Oust Valley, Josselin castle is considered one of the finest in Brittany. Its three 60-metre towers testify to its feudal past, while its interior "Renaissance" facade surprises visitors with its fine granite sculptures. The contrast is astonishing!

Discover a thousand years of history

In the early 11th century, Guéthenoc, Viscount of Porhoët, built a stockade of wood, as was customary during this time, on a rocky spur. His son Goscellinus finished the construction and gave his name to the growing town, Josselin. In the late 14th century, Olivier de Clisson, Constable of France, the commander-in-chief of the French army, built a stone fortress with a keep and nine towers, four of which are still standing. After his death, the castle became the property of Alain VIII de Rohan. His descendants still own it today.

Contrasting architecture

It was in the early 16th century that Jean II de Rohan completed the beautiful Renaissance facade. Visible from the courtyard, the façade features dormer windows and balustrades adorned with delicate granite sculptures and is in sharp contrast to the fine feudal architecture of the exterior. The decoration incorporates the diamond-shaped emblem of the Rohan family, fleur-de-lys and stylised ermines - the symbol of Brittany.

An in-depth tour

Inside, the castle is still a family home, where you can discover its rich history and that of the illustrious Rohan family. The ground floor is open to the public and is fully furnished with family heirlooms and memorabilia. In the dining room you will discover a magnificent equestrian statue of Olivier de Clisson; the living room is dominated by a monumental fireplace, while the library houses and a rich collection of 3,000 books.

A park to explore

Strolling through the park, designed by Achille Duchêne, a landscape architect who worked in many French châteaux, you can enjoy the French gardens, the rose garden, recently created by Louis Benech, and, at the foot of the ramparts, the English gardens.

An amazing collection

Immerse yourself in nostalgia! Located in the former stables of the castle, the doll and toy museum, a magical place displaying nearly 600 objects from the unique Rohan collection, will transport you through time and across continents. Each year, a themed exhibition allows additional examples to be exhibited.

Château of Josselin
Place de la Congrégation
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