The trail starts from the river below the castle and leads up towards the town. You will spot the old public washhouse, where you can imagine the washerwomen scrubbing the linen. A little further on, the Millennium clock brings time and water together, while further along the path along the Minette, you will discover the “Bois d'Amour” (Wood of Love) with all its biodiversity. In the evening, follow the lights from the narrow streets of Sainte-Croix to the millennium clock.

Learn while having fun

That's the slogan of the “Au Fil de l'Eau” - Go with the flow - trail, which is fun and educational, and accessible to all. The idea is to help young visitors to understand the importance of trying to protect our natural resources and support sustainable development.

Follow the golden trail

At the foot of the castle you will see little gold disks embedded in the pavement inviting you to follow the trail. Near the river, you will learn about how the canal and its locks work. Across the road you will discover a funny story about old washerwomen, working and gossiping, then you will follow the trail to the “Bois d'Amour”, a beautiful park in the heart of Josselin. Further on you will discover all manner of different things, modules, a bamboo plantation, sounds and interactive games.  

The trail, which has been translated into English, is accessible to people with reduced mobility and visual impairment, as well as families with strollers. Amusements for children can be found at the entrance of the “Bois d'Amour”.